Viktor Larkhill and The Dumb People


According to Viktor Larkhill’s personal facebook page, he is not fond of Trump.  Not a lot of people are.  What’s hilarious is how alike they really are.  Just as opposites attract, identical ones repel each other.  Two narcissist absolutely abhor each other.   Maybe because it’s like looking into the mirror and seeing their true self for the first time.  When a narcissist looks into a mirror, they see perfection.  But looking at another narcissist is facing all the ugly  things inside they hate about themselves right in front of them.    A conman knows a conman when he sees one, so they prefer to gaze in glass mirrors.

These two share three things in common; they’re both tacky narcissists, they both have used others to obtain absolutely everything they have, and they both think their supporters are dumb.  (To be kind, we won’t count the similar flabby body sculpted by many hours in front of a computer, or iPhone.)   They prove that last one — that their fans and supporters are dumb —  on a daily basis by manipulating them into performing tricks on command.   All they have to do is pull triggers,  the supporters do the rest.   Continue reading “Viktor Larkhill and The Dumb People”


Viktor Larkhill: It’s Not About Saving Animals. It’s About Image and Branding

Animal rescue is a messy, heartbreaking, unpredictable undertaking by its very nature.   All honest and ethical rescues know this.  They all accept the reality that with the great highs there will also be devastating lows, but it doesn’t stop them from taking the cases that need their help, any case.  It is lives that they … Continue reading Viktor Larkhill: It’s Not About Saving Animals. It’s About Image and Branding

Yes, Viktor Larkhill is Lying

In our inaugural post we asked the question: Is Viktor Larkhill (Ivan Jimenez Chacon) lying? The Answer?  Yes.  Yes, he is.  Without a doubt.  Absolutely.  And, without shame.  As the Spanish say, “sin verguenza!” Here is the proof.  Screenshots from a secret Facebook group where Viktor Larkhill Extreme Rescue plot and conspire on how to … Continue reading Yes, Viktor Larkhill is Lying