Is Viktor Larkhill lying?

8 thoughts on “Is Viktor Larkhill lying?”

  1. If you ever send money to Viktor Larkhill in youtube,( he is asking about money to save animals life), please find him in internet, and you will know all his LIE !

    Also dont forget make dislike in youtube , and refuse from his news. To make his rating bad.
    There is no one happy animal.
    Viktor Larkhill is animal killer!
    In his videos all differents clinics, and no one with happy end.
    Send my message to everybody, who watching animal videos.
    Thank you!


    1. what i saw here was that either way this dog that was shot got the help it needed and was happy and moving around.. does it really matter that the timing was off??? like, who cares about that as long as they really do help out the animals in need like they say they do….


      1. Timing off? Julian was completely healed and in a home when Viktor Larkhill published his rescue as a live rescue. His group coached a few dedicated (morons) supporters in the deception. To act and comment as if it was a live rescue. To LIE. You accept that? That’s OK by you? As a donor, you support being dishonest in order to prompt people into giving their money?


    1. If you watch animal rescue ads on U.S. tv, they also show what they found, even though the animals are hopefully doing better by the time the ad airs. We get no updates, but we’re OK with it. They are doing good work, helping animals, and asking for monetary support to keep going.

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