Heart of Rescue in Turkey and Viktor Larkhill Extreme Rescue – Two Rotten Peas in the Same Rotten Pod

12 thoughts on “Heart of Rescue in Turkey and Viktor Larkhill Extreme Rescue – Two Rotten Peas in the Same Rotten Pod”

  1. yes, this is very damning for them….why tell the lies? I donated to them but won’t again as I don’t trust them now…hope the animals are still treated ok though…sad, cos its put me off them now.


  2. This lvictor larkhill has been around for far too long scamming conning animal lovers stealing pictures of genuinepeople from the internet internet .its about timesomething was done about this fraudster dispicable person .and the animals suffer because animal lovers become suspicious once it invoves him


  3. What really puzzles me is how they manage to fly a dog from Turkey to Spain, in such a short space of time. Turkey is not in the EU so the process of getting a dog ready for export can take as long as four months. Do Rima and Viktor have magic carpets stashed away somewhere?


  4. Seriously….I don’t care about the timing. This seems so insignificant to me. I gladly donate to them every month. I don’t expect that they can video, edit, and upload to youTube right when the animal comes in. Furthermore, I rather not see videos of suffering animals that end up dying – I rather they wait until they recover.

    About the money….I rather pay for someone’s living / salary and have them dedicate themselves to the job full time than not. Most non profits pay themselves a pretty good salary anyway, so what difference does it make? It is obvious that Larkhill saves many animals lives. It is also obvious that he puts tons of time and energy into what he does. I am happy to support them in their “careers.” Now, if I found out that they were injuring animals in order to save them, or the animals were not given proper pain management and suffered greatly, or they were operating on them just to experiment on new medical procedures, knowing they were going to suffer and die anyway – then I would have a problem. But until then, shame on you guys for trying to stop people from donating to an organization that works hard and seems to have a good system in place for rescuing animals that would otherwise die a lonely and painful death.

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    1. If you want to donate to animals that have already recovered and adopted out weeks before being introduced as urgent rescues, or, to animals that have already died (like Donkey), publicized as live rescues, then by all means do it. Support the deception. Cheers.


      1. Again, many non profits function similarly. Save the children show children starving, they say please help now and save a child every 5 mins. Many non profits pay salaries, travel costs, expenses for their staff. Or their utility bills. So you think thousands of people in non profits are working , traveling, treating people, giving medicine, saving the planet as their full time work but get no pay??? if so, you are a dushbag. If you are thinking this is scamming, you should start writing to all UN organization, WWF, save the children, MSF, Red Cross, green peace, etc. And yes, some animals do not make it no matter hw much money and effort goes into it. That happens. Not everyone goes to the doctor or gets medicine get better. Children still dying in Africa, women are still tortured in some countries, there are human rights in some places despite the fact we donate… we want to rescue and save polar bears, there are organizations go to pole and they tend to take a heli or a boat, they do not walk there and they have to live so yes they eat food- they leave their families behind, they have to pay rent… so the organizations pay them salaries… I know it is shocking to you. That is how non profits work. And to survive as an organization they do have to keep some money. They call it “endowment”. It is legal and many NGOs, community based organizations, faith based organizations, all civil society organizations globally do these things. Get real and get a life. It is kind of sad to see a person suffers and carry a burden of a grudge for so many years. It must be exhausting for your heart and spirit. Really.


  5. Nilgun Aydogan, I was involved in the original rescue of Umut before Viktor even knew about him. It was Viktor who sent him to Germany ‘for treatment’ and it was while in the ‘care’ of the person who Viktor gave him to that Umut was so badly treated that a vet had to euthanize him.
    Now tell me that Umut/Hope is alive and well ! ..


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