A Dead Mule and a Conspiracy – Part 1

3 thoughts on “A Dead Mule and a Conspiracy – Part 1”

  1. to be honest if his reason for lying is to get more money to help other animals then it doesnt bother me too much,i think all charities probably do this to some extent .however, if it was to pocket the money for himself thats another story and would be a criminal case of fraud.so either way the truth needs to come out so that he can either carry on caring for animals or face criminal prosecutions.i take it there should be records of accounts etc


  2. It is likely that the vet was paid. In all the extreme cases of resecue that Vivtor takes on, the vet expenses are huge, huge. I do not care about anything except that someone is taking on such extreme cases and is going as far as is needed. I also think that it is normal for non- profit charities to pay people who work for them. That is how it works. So long as it is a reasonable salary, it is normal. Do you think Best Friend’s, or the Humane Society’s, directors do their jobs part time, while working another job to make a living? The details of how Victor Larkhill manages his fundraising is not important to me. I only care that he saves the extteme cases that he does. NO ONE else I think is doing this because of how expensive it is. If he manages with a “By hook or crook” means, maybe it really does not matter. IF he collected money and was NOT actually saving the animals that he shows us, that would be a different story. But I do not believe that this is the case.


    1. You answered the problem with him yourself; your own words: By hook or by CROOK. Did you bother to read the translation? Shall we review it one more time?

      Ivan Jimenez: “I beg you not to comment anything about it … the cremation and operation has cost more 3,000 euros and I will [still] publish the case to our international page [which Spain is blocked from] to attempt to recover the fund this month. Otherwise, we are left with zero funds. The mule’s story will be released Monday and Tuesday I will show the video of the operation … the next night after the operation I will announce his death. All following the same chronological order that we have lived through. By the way … this will be the last time we take a public case that we do not totally control. Too many people butting in worldwide calling, giving their opinions, trying to tell the story their way, and in the end we pay for everything as always. Quite depressing … if we do not recoup what we paid for the mule we can not rescue for a week, maybe two”

      The animal was DEAD. He intended to present the animal as STILL ALIVE to his followers and supporters. TO RAISE MONEY!!! That is exactly the case. If this type of fundraising is ok to you, you are just as deluded as everyone else including Viktor Larkhill’s advisors.

      You say “NO ONE else I think is doing this because of how expensive it is.” Actually, no one else does this because its fraud. Go to the dictionary and look it up. Hustle, cheating, fast-one. Yes, there is a sucker born every minute. Sad, one of them is you, Sharon. You have our sympathy.


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