Viktor Larkhill: It’s Not About Saving Animals. It’s About Image and Branding

3 thoughts on “Viktor Larkhill: It’s Not About Saving Animals. It’s About Image and Branding”

  1. Well who the bloody hell can we TRUST surely Viktor Larkhill is NOT a charlatan I though he cared heaps about the lives of those animals, actually those who ridicule the Man better get off their FAT arses and save some animals instead of bad mouthing those who do. I also have saved a lot of animals including farm animals, and horses,dogs etc,etc. And though I keep all I save I’m also bloody insulted, but the bstds who insult never help an animal injured, they bloody just walk by couldn’t care a damn.


    1. I’ll tell you who you can trust, Dr. Matt at Vet Ranch on YouTube.(sorry can’t remember his last name off hand) He and his staff are amazing. The animals he helps are usually completely healed inside of 2 or 3 months. Not dragged out for years in order to garner donations. When he first started his channel saving animals,he didn’t even ask for donations and tried to do it all on his own. Of course, then his operation expanded and that didn’t last too long! What I like the very best though is he keeps his animals pain free through out treatment, and every video no matter how grim it starts follows the animal’s progress with an expedited format so that at the end of a less than 20 minute video, you see their entire transformation happen in front of your eyes ending with a very happy and healthy animal ready for adoption! Please, after you’ve had a chance to check him out for yourself spread the word around about this wonderful organization!
      Regards to a fellow animal lover bumned out by scammers


  2. I think you are deluded. I have seen many of his revolting videos on youTube. An example being “little hero cat” I saw some time back – this poor cat was like a gargoyle after the treatment it had endured from humans. So seeing this poor tormented thing endure operation after operation then painfully drag itself up the side of a cage is supposed to be ‘heroic’. I call it cruel! Keeping an animal (including humans) alive BECAUSE YOU CAN is not kind when there is enormous suffering for months or possibly years on end. Even his so-called successes – who knows what pain those animals are going through even years later? The money for these operations is ridiculous – it could be used to save many, many animals, instead of being used to MAYBE keep one animal alive, even if it is in terrible pain. What is so terrible about giving these animals a kind and painless death? And don’t dare to call me out on being cruel – I’m vegan, I have a rescue dog and donate to the RSPCA and a horse rescue organisation. I can’t even go past a dead animal on the road – but keep a box in the car to pick up poor possums, bats, birds and native wildlife that some scumbag has hit and hasn’t even checked to see if it’s still alive – or maybe has a baby in its pouch.


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