Lie, Rinse, Repeat – How to spot a scammer!

8 thoughts on “Lie, Rinse, Repeat – How to spot a scammer!”

  1. I have donated to pay for cats and dogs after seeing Viktor larkhill videos. I will check out the news that he is a scammer. I sure hope not as it would be a horrible scam to use injured animals as a way to get money sent to him.


  2. May I know your outcome, please? I too, have donated money, to help Brandi, (the dog whose face was caught in a trap). The dog needed a very urgent operation, to reconstruct his face. This darling dog’s mouth and nose shared the came orifice, help was urgently needed. I’m so relieved that the dog was saved… however, did my money help? Your feedback appreciated.


    1. Caroline, While I know this post will probably never reach you I will try. The real issue is the guy who runs this page. If you dig a bit you will discover that apparently this is the same guy that runs all of the negative facebook pages. I think he probably worked for or with Viktor’s old rescue. He has spent a lot of time trying to defame him But if you also dig online you will find plenty of people who have adopted Viktor’s animals and met him personally. Don’t let the guy running this page stop you from doing the good you are doing. Anyone can create a website or facebook page to put others down. Just because he says this here doesn’t mean it is real.


  3. I do have a feeling who you are. I think you messed up a situation with some animals, you were exposed. Since then you have been upset. And you are not a guy… I might be wrong but again it does not matter. You are low life spending your life wand energy to tarnish other as opposed to doing something better in life. It is just sad really.


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