Viktor Larkhill and the 5th Floor

4 thoughts on “Viktor Larkhill and the 5th Floor”

  1. Dear sir madam,
    I’m contacting you and hopping to find a solution!
    It’s regarding a organisation that is posting graphic videos on YouTube!
    His name is victor larkhill, pls search him up!
    He constantly put horrific injured dogs, pretending hero, there is no evidence that the dogs are saved…same patterns repeating all the time, extreme head burns and one leg sliced from inside, there is no parasites or skin infections to indicate that this dogs were homeless and don’t show how he got the dogs or anything… he says that the dogs had fight with other dogs( does not look like it) he gets millions from donations… I’m not the only one that think this about victor larkhill… he also lied about the dog that was his( the same dog that was in another video burned)and recently I wrote to him to why all the cases dogs are burned! He posted a video trying to cover up… still you can see his wife holding a different dog…he needs to be investigated plus he picked a friends dog
    After Some of YouTubers emailed him and what you see him knowing a dogs name, knowing the people and I don’t know where is he based but you can search him up
    Many thanks


    1. I followed this person thinking he was a genuine rescue. It was only after seeing some of the ‘rescues’ had such similar backgrounds I started to question it. I was almost on the verge of donating, he seemed so kind but something seemed wrong. I asked a question on YouTube and he ridiculed it, so I did some digging, he is not what he says.


      1. I’m broken hearted to find out about this I truly believed that Larkin was a genuine soul. I’m an avid animal lover and his YouTube videos gave me some hope in humanity (especially now with the horror that is Donald Trump). I’m going put away social media now and hug my dog…..a lot.


  2. whenever I read his rescue story on You tube, I felt uncomfortable. where and how did he get so many these terribly injured animals? The steps in vet clinic look like actors. I just feel something is not normal. I hope somebody search what it is.


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