Viktor Larkhill and The Dumb People

2 thoughts on “Viktor Larkhill and The Dumb People”

  1. VL is well known in many animal rescues as a sorry scammer, that much of the article is true. I think that this would have likely been a decent article had the writer not tried to inject their political views in childish insults and focused more on the actual events surrounded the retail re$cue that has plagued the animal rescue world by people that bring in a healthy revenue at the expense of the animals.


    1. I totally agree with you. Why does politics even enter into this discussion? I had been sort of following Larkhill because it looked like he did do some amazing rescues. If I had enough money, I would donate to help all abused animals, but as much as these dogs tore at my heartstrings, I was hesitant to give money to a foreign rescue. We have many, many abused animals in the U.S. However, I did do some research on him and started seeing a lot of negative info. It sounded like he had done some horrific stuff. He may have done some good work, I don’t really know. At any rate, it was enough for me to stick to the groups here that I know run legit rescues. This was a while ago, and I hadn’t seen much of him until recently. At one time, I saw his name on a “no adopt list.” I would like to warn fellow animal lovers about Larkhill, but I think the best I can do, is just tell people to thoroughly research who you are giving money to, especially outside your own country.


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