Viktor Larkhill and The Dumb People

4 thoughts on “Viktor Larkhill and The Dumb People”

  1. VL is well known in many animal rescues as a sorry scammer, that much of the article is true. I think that this would have likely been a decent article had the writer not tried to inject their political views in childish insults and focused more on the actual events surrounded the retail re$cue that has plagued the animal rescue world by people that bring in a healthy revenue at the expense of the animals.


    1. I totally agree with you. Why does politics even enter into this discussion? I had been sort of following Larkhill because it looked like he did do some amazing rescues. If I had enough money, I would donate to help all abused animals, but as much as these dogs tore at my heartstrings, I was hesitant to give money to a foreign rescue. We have many, many abused animals in the U.S. However, I did do some research on him and started seeing a lot of negative info. It sounded like he had done some horrific stuff. He may have done some good work, I don’t really know. At any rate, it was enough for me to stick to the groups here that I know run legit rescues. This was a while ago, and I hadn’t seen much of him until recently. At one time, I saw his name on a “no adopt list.” I would like to warn fellow animal lovers about Larkhill, but I think the best I can do, is just tell people to thoroughly research who you are giving money to, especially outside your own country.


      1. I, too, have been doing research, but my skills are minimal. Would you mind telling me a good source to review Viktor’s and U.S. organizations? I don’t think CHARITY NAVIGATOR covers foreign organizations such as his. Whatever his faults may be, he does bring to light man’s abhorrent treatment of animals. Every life counts!


  2. When I first saw some of the rescues that VL was doing, I was impressed. As time went on, I noticed that at times there was no follow-up on some of the rescues. So, basically, I just Googled him. There were quite a few sites that said he was a scammer. We all know that you can’t always believe what you read on the internet, but I noted that some of the animals he rescued had different names and different stories. I knew they were the same animals because of their pictures. He uses an alias, and he was holding up placing some of the animals into their forever homes so he could get all the credit for rescue and rehab for the new organization he was trying to get started. Thus, the animals and adoptive parents were left in limbo for, sometimes, months. He was using different countries and the animals were pawns. His new group was having financial issues but, according to one site, he was “stockpiling” animals in another country. Did he do some good? I really don’t know, but I am not going to send money out of the country if I’m not sure. One of his detractors stated that most of the money goes to Larkhill and a small amount goes to help the pets in need. There is a rescue group in Greece called Orphan Pet. It is run by 7 or 8 amazing women. You can look them up on You Tube or FB. The lady that does the videos is awesome. I think her name is Zaria. She tells a story with each pet (usually dogs) that makes you want to empty your bank account for them. I have not seen anything negative. I know the poorer countries like Thailand, Korea, and Vietnam have pet rescues that are all over the internet, and it looks like they do the best job they can. It is hard to decide where to send your hard-earned money. So, for the most part, I stick to the U.S. I donate to Vet Ranch, and they are in TX. They have a YouTube page called Vet Ranch that is just about their rescues. There is a page called Off the Ranch. That is about Dr. Matt and his family life and some rescue work. They also a couple of other YouTube pages. Rescue is a family effort for them. Dr. Matt’s dad (Dr. Lee) started the rescue, and it grew from there. It is totally donation funded. We also donate to our local shelters, ASPCA and Guiding Eyes for the Blind. This turned out to be very long, and I am sorry for that. Bottom line, I suppose, is that I am not comfortable sending money to someone embroiled in so much controversy. I genuinely hope that he has rescued some of the animals he says he has.


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