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  1. What has been happening with this attempt to expose this man? Are there any updates? This controversy seems to have died a natural death….


  2. I would like to have infornations about ava dog with deformed face that i have see in one of video thanks


      1. i dont even think he owns the clinic, hes just a random guy. stealing footage from the clinic and they dont have any idea. hes almost never in any videos and when he is, its with his own dogs. also when he speaks in the videos sometimes you can hear a voice in the background. the biggest problem i have is that he isnt in his footage and his voice is always clipped in or something similar. or when someone greets someone he tries to get in a greet with a voice over but you can hes people saluting few seconds later.


  3. I am so sad!!!
    I watch the rescue programs regularly!!
    I live in South Africa!!! The corruu, murder, rape ‘capital’ of the world
    Saddened to seeagakn rumours of corruption !!
    I am interested in adopting Sky – the dog with half his face.
    What is the procedure!
    Kind reu!🌸🌺


    1. Honey you are in the wrong page. Go to Viktor Larkhil page. And write to V directly. They have a list of requirements for adoption. I am not sure if Sky is ready for adoption as of yet.


      1. Sky. Another Viktor Larkhill fantasy. The dog is real, but, most likely not hit with a shovel by someone. Sky is owned by a couple in Germany. They adopted sky from a Romanian rescue where they found Sky in a dog pound there. Already injured like that, so the whole story about being hit with a shovel is pure guess work. The German couple contacted the “extreme rescue” to help pay to repair Sky’s disfigurement. Larkhill never rescued him. The German couple never did either. He never mentions the Romanian rescue who did. Here is the facebook page Sky’s OWNERS put up for him. https://www.facebook.com/hilfefuersky/ You can use the translate feature to get the information. Tells a whole different story from Viktor Larkhill. You didn’t donate to a rescue. You donated to someones private vet bill.


  4. I refuse to be believe that in this evil world that there can’t exist some people who are real and genuine. Until I see evidence otherwise I choose to believe that Victor is not a scam artist. The videos of the animals are real. We can see their progress and improvement. I send a small monthly donation because it makes me feel good to help these poor animals in some way. I wish I could do more. I am also a dog foster mom here in the USA. It would be interesting to hear from Victor’s foster families or the people who have adopted his saved animals as to whether they they think he is a fraud or not…

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    1. Whoever is running this site is cowardly in not putting her or his name as author of this assassination attempt on Viktor Larkhill aka Ivan Jimenez. Seems like a personal vendetta to me, a rejected woman perhaps. If the point is a scam about money, why the personal attacks on Viktor’s weight and appearance, which have nothing to do with fraud? Also, the pictures here that are purportedly of Viktor operating on a mule, the man is obviously not Viktor! So who is the scammer then??


    2. I have met him in person in Turkey during the adoption of two kitties. He was one of the most arrogant, rude, selfish – and yes- narcissistic people I’ve met in my whole life. I was so surprised and disappointed. But he already had issues with people who asked too many questions – blocked them or even threatened them with suing. Everything looked very fishy right at the beginning. I was a PhD student at the time, not making much money. He sent his partner with me to bring the kitties home and I remember the woman carefully observing every detail in the house. I believe they wanted to know if I would be a good candidate to rip off money from. Never heared from them after that, although they had promised to help with the kitties sterilisation fees.


    3. I agree with you. There are always going to be these jealous people who just can’t stand it when anyone gets fame for doing great things in the world. Cesar Milan has constantly dealt with this crap. I’m also a foster dog mom. Thank God there are dog guardians for these poor underdogs. Thank God & Thank God for “V”


  5. I have known Viktor, or Ivan personally. He is a good guy. Animals are real and he cares. Just because he cares more than your average person does not mean he is crazy or delusional or narcisist. He is actually very humble. Is he a strong character? yes. Is he very opinionated? Yes. Does he save animals? YES. Does he take cases no one else does? YES. I am sick and tired of people labelling others just because they are doing things differently. If everyone complied with the mediocrity or did not work on dreams or not attempting for something out of ordinary, the world would not advance. He saves animals, I personally flew a few to their new families (no cost). I get no money. I volunteered. Whoever wrote this blog, clearly has a big grudge against him due to money issues. Ivan is good at fundraising. That is his background and his education. He is not doing anything different than your average advertisement agency does. Do you go and say MSF or Save the Children are exaggerating? Do you say UNICEF is laying? They show babies being killed, or terribly sick? You donate. He does the same but suddenly an asshole comes and says no it is not true. Well let me tell you… There is enough sickos in the world that does horrible things to animals. Everyday. I volunteer for several groups, support various individuals. So Ivan/Viktor is not the only one I support. I follow stories and animals. It is cruel shit. You want to see the stories sugar coated? Well too bad. I adopted rescues myself. And God knows what they have been through. Animals are being tortured, raped, killed, shot, burnt, skinned, etc… everyday. I have seen people throwing animals from not just 5th floor but even higher… You want toknow if it is trrue or not, well I say instead of reading this page go to site where there are zillion of cases that resulted from sickos entertaining themselves. Just yesterday, a sick woman in Turkey took out eyes of a kitten, on purpose, just for her own amusement and posted on the facebook thinking it is amusing for others. Instead of writing a blog to bully a rescuer and spending your time and energy on one person, I say get over it. Move on. Find a rescue or person, and help them for the cause. Go after the sick people who hurt the innocent (children, animals, nature) as opposed to holding on a grudge with one person. Sitting behind a computer, with anonymous name, and writing lies just to discredit them sounds like sad low life to me. Do something for the animals if you really care and move on.

    For those of you wondering… If you have nay question about specific animal contact Ivan directly and you will get updates. Those adopted animals, also open FB page for their new member of their family, so you can follow their adventures with their families. Do not wrote some random unknown person in the internet about what happened to X animal that X person saved. That is dumb.

    Clearly whoever wrote this page has no life but a huge issue with a Viktor. I say move on and get a life. He is criticizing V not using his real name, but not putting his/her own ID out there. You must have been friends with him in the past since you have his Halloween photo (to show how evil Ivan is). Again get over whatever happened and move on with your life. And I would put this page down because it is more of a red flag for you than it is for Viktor.

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    1. I’m glad someone has been able to dispute the comments made abt viktor. But I wish there were more. As a person who only watches the youtube video’s posted by viktor, as much as I would like to believe his stories of rescues, I sometimes have a nagging questions about his stories because he never explains the details of each case, just the before & after. We dont see the rescue taking place, only the stories of what condition the animal is in. He says ‘owners’ have done this & that to an animal, but some of it has to surely be an exaggeration as there is no evidence to prove it, just his words. Some of the videos I do feel is disturbing where 1 dog was shivering on the metal bed but he kept saying it is ‘comfortable’.
      Accusations of him ‘not rescueing’/or even abusing the animals themselves, need to be explained & what happened. Is there any evidence/information how much $$ his rescue team has & how it has been used for each case he rescues? Basic accounting practices need to be addressed for people to trust him more. For some who just started donating from half way across the world, I find all these questions need to be asked & addressed.


    2. Well said. Thank you for all your contributions to helping these poor helpless animals. I also have been involved in dog rescue & it gives one an entirely different prospective on the human race.


  6. I too would like to know who put up this website. It appears to be making accusations without proof. It is a great evil to slander someone without knowing whether they are truly guilty. It is even a bigger evil to turn people away from donating to his organization, for this organization is obviously helping many animals that wouldn’t be helped otherwise.

    I have been watching his youTube channel for a year now. At first, I had my own questions about the legitimacy of the organization but after watching consistently every day for a year, I believe Viktor is doing good in this world and I now donate to his cause every month.

    Issues made:

    1. Sky, the dog with half a face, was not his rescue BUT he never claimed it was! I watched all the videos. Viktor states that the dog was rescued in Romania and adopted by a family. The family contacted him because they realized Sky was in worse shape than they realized. His wounds were not healed and his jaw was locked, with only a small hole to put a feeding tube in. They operated so Sky could naturally eat again.

    2. These are real rescues, contrary to some speculators on this site. Many of the dogs that they rescue (watch them come in and operate on) end up at Viktor’s house. You can see countless videos of the dogs playing out in the front yard. These dogs, often wheelchair bound, sometimes spend years with Viktor before being adopted.

    3. BS argument that Viktor doesn’t care; he is all about the money. Viktor has many times flown or driven hours to pick up former rescues that they adopted out that the “owners” cam no longer keep due to a divorce or other matters. SERIOUSLY?….. is this the behavior of a man that doesn’t care? Why would he take formerly rescued dogs/cats back and keep them at his house until he can find them another home? That doesn’t seem to be a big money maker to me.

    4. He posts videos “after the fact.” These videos take hours to make and edit (I use to be in film). This is no small feat. I don’t expect the videos to be posted “as it happens.” Vet Ranch, an American scaled down version of “extreme rescues,” doesn’t either. However, Vet Ranch does one video on each animal – from start to finish. Viktor does a series of videos over the course of the animal’s recovery. Could this be manipulative or deceptive? Yes, but it is not evil. The animal is rescued and operated on and most the time adopted out (thank G-d otherwise it would be too sad to watch). Animal rescues at the scale he does (3-4 day) is expensive, esp. his type of rescues! I don’t mind a little manipulation or small fudging of facts to get people more emotionally involved in donating. It is smart and makes the organization successful. I rather have small “advertising” manipulations along the way and have him save 1000 animals a year than be some small guy that doesn’t know what he is doing and only save a few.

    5. SO WHAT if Viktor doesn’t have another “job” and uses the money to live off of??!! The amount of time and energy and talent this man puts into his organization is incredible. He is obviously working around the clock – flying, driving, video making, etc.. It is more than a full time job and is very STRESSFUL! Furthermore, Viktor seems to really care as well as be very talented at what he does. Furthermore, any non-profit organization has people getting a full time salary. This is how all professional / successful organizations are run. Don’t you want someone, esp at the top levels, being able to dedicate their full time attention, talents, energy to the organization? I would think this is a plus. Now the question is what percentage of the money goes to his salary and how many animals does he save. That is another debate.

    6. The most ridiculous accusation I have seen on this website: Viktor only takes rescues that are “easy”!!! The animals that come in are in horrible shape. 100% of these animals would be euthanized in animal shelters in the US. Vet Ranch, the watered down American version of Viktor Larkhill’s organization, takes much “easier” cases – a broken leg, mange, large benign tumors, etc… I donate to them also. Do I criticize them for taking “easy” cases – ABSOLUTELY NOT! Vet Ranch’s rescues are a slam dunk but these animals would be euthanized if VR didn’t take them because shelters don’t have the time, money or resources to help any animal with a “condition.” As we have unfortunately seen, not all of Viktor’s rescues make it and many of us question whether he should be “rescuing” the dog/cat/etc that is obviously in such bad shape. But most do make it (to my surprise) and end up living happy lives. Faulting Viktor for not taking animals from Indonesia because the vets don’t take proper care of them and they will probably die due to no fault of Viktor’s, is a sad reality but is more than understandable.


  7. Now does one write to him directly? I can’t find an email address anywhere and the send message option on his Facebook page doesn’t work.


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