7 thoughts on “About”

  1. What has been happening with this attempt to expose this man? Are there any updates? This controversy seems to have died a natural death….


  2. I would like to have infornations about ava dog with deformed face that i have see in one of video thanks


  3. I am so sad!!!
    I watch the rescue programs regularly!!
    I live in South Africa!!! The corruu, murder, rape ‘capital’ of the world
    Saddened to seeagakn rumours of corruption !!
    I am interested in adopting Sky – the dog with half his face.
    What is the procedure!
    Kind reu!🌸🌺


  4. I refuse to be believe that in this evil world that there can’t exist some people who are real and genuine. Until I see evidence otherwise I choose to believe that Victor is not a scam artist. The videos of the animals are real. We can see their progress and improvement. I send a small monthly donation because it makes me feel good to help these poor animals in some way. I wish I could do more. I am also a dog foster mom here in the USA. It would be interesting to hear from Victor’s foster families or the people who have adopted his saved animals as to whether they they think he is a fraud or not…


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